About Me

I was raised in a small desert town in Southern California (one of those “blink and you miss it” towns), now married to an Ozzie and living in Canberra, Australia. I am a self-taught artist typically using pencil, pen, and watercolour mediums, but I do dabble in other art/craft forms.

I’ve always loved drawing from references and used to pinch National Geographic magazines that had pictures of wildlife, spending hours drawing different animals from them.

Pets are dear to my heart. I’ve had cats, dogs, chickens, fish and lizards throughout my life. Currently my husband and I enjoy the endless entertainment from our two cats (Bob & Wookie), two dogs (Amelia & Sigrid), our duck (Josie,) and our chickens (Pussy Cat, Saltine & Vovo).

I am happy to create custom portraits of any animal - cats, dogs, birds, horses, cows, lizards, goats… you name it!